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20 Times Chiropractors Saw Amazing Results with Kids! - First-Hand Accounts

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Pediatric chiropractic is a growing trend with the rise of new parents seeking natural ways to grow healthy children. Millions of adjustments were given by Chiropractors in the last year, many of them being given to babies as young as one day old.

These are 20 first-hand accounts of children coming to see their chiropractor with issues that were dramatically improved once they were under regular chiropractic care.

1. Reflux and vomiting are common in children

...and also commonly helped by Chiropractic.

3. So commonly helped, that in one thread we had too many responses to put in this article!

4. But here is just a few more...

5. It doesn't have to be just babies, older children also see benefits!

6. Chiropractic definitely doesn't JUST help with reflux.

Why does Chiropractic help with reflux and vomiting so well??

The brain stem is the part of your brain in charge of reflexes, including the gag reflex. When your spine becomes misaligned it can cause stress on the brain stem and hinder it from properly controlling reflexes. When your brain stem can't communicate properly it can cause a variety of symptoms to occur, a common one being reflux.

Chiropractic works by finding the misalignments and stress on the nervous system. Gently nudging the spine back into alignment will help restore the proper function of the body.

7. Reflux is common, but irritability is EVERYWHERE!

8. Colic, fussiness, and SLEEP!

9. Everyone knows that a fussy, irritable baby is literally the worst thing in existence. We're so glad that there is help!

10. Seldom do issues show up by themselves, when the body isn't working correctly, it's usually in groups of symptoms.

11. Chiropractic helps babies relax and feel more comfortable, which allows them to be able to sleep. Even the skeptics can see the difference.

Why does Chiropractic help so well with reducing irritability and improving sleep in babies??

When babies are fussy, they could be hungry, tired, gassy, OR they could be uncomfortable for another reason. Birth is a stressful process for them and many times can lead to a misalignment in a vertebra, causing them to be uncomfortable. If your baby seems to be more irritable than you think they should be, it's always a good idea to get them checked by a Pediatric Chiropractor. If a misalignment is the cause, then they can gently and safely correct the misalignment. Your Chiropractor will determine the best course of action for YOUR baby to get the best results.

12. And YES even children with genetic conditions can be helped by reducing stress to the nervous system.

13. Genetic abnormalities can cause many issues that Chiropractic doesn't help, but there are MANY that it CAN help. It's all about aligning the spine to reduce stress to the nervous system.

14. Some of the most impactful changes that Pediatric Chiropractors see are actually in the way that their patient's bodies respond to their environment.

15. It is AMAZING seeing first-hand how reducing stress on the nervous system can help children in so many ways.

16. Removing obstructions to proper function can make development SO much easier for them.

17. Imagine your child having trouble with focus and function because of the stress on their nervous system. Once the stress is removed, their focus and function comes back full-swing!

Why does Chiropractic help with development and behavior so well?

Your brain is constantly coordinating the functions of your body through your sensory processing systems. In children, that means growth and development. When there is stress on the nervous system from a misalignment in the spine, the signals in those systems do not communicate as efficiently as they should, which can hinder the ease of development. When a Pediatric Chiropractor aligns and removes the stress, all of the body's processes become more efficient and work as intended; without interference.

18. How your child responds to the environment isn't only about behavior. Their nervous system is in charge of everything, including overreactions in their skin.

19. We only asked for Chiropractor's responses, but even some parents chimed in about their child's results.

20. Parents LOVE to see their babies get well, so we couldn't leave out their responses.

When we asked for some first-hand accounts on Facebook, we expected some great examples of various issues being helped by Chiropractic-and we were not disappointed.

It isn’t about what symptom you have when going to see a Chiropractor rather it is about determining if there is stress on their nervous system due to a misaligned spine. If your spine is misaligned it is imperative to correct the misalignment with the least amount force possible.

Speaking of force... One thing that you should know about Pediatric Chiropractors is they use MUCH less force than you may have seen on youtube videos of an adult getting adjusted. When babies need to be adjusted, the amount of force used is comparable to the force you would use on your own closed eyeball before it starts to feel uncomfortable (try it).

It's amazing that with a tiny bit of nudging in the right direction, the body can go from not working very well at all to functioning at 100% again. We Pediatric Chiropractors love the results that we get with the little ones in our offices. Seeing that incredible change every day gives us a unique perspective that many don't see in the healthcare field.

If you are looking for a pediatric Chiropractor in your area, head over to ICPA4KIDS.org to check out their amazing directory of pediatric Chiropractors. That is the website for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association which trains and certifies doctors of Chiropractic in Pediatric and Prenatal care.

If you are in the Savannah, GA area, please give us a call and ask us how we can help your child, we would love the opportunity to help you be one of these success stories!

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