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Parents Respond to Pediatric Chiropractic Results

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

In our last blog "20 Times Chiropractors Saw Amazing Results with Kids!", we received an overwhelming response from parents who could testify that they too witnessed fantastic results when they brought their children to see the Chiropractor. We would love for you to see some of the responses we saw!

1. Chiropractic isn't something that is just for treating aches and pains, it's there to help the body function as efficiently as possible so that other secondary conditions do not arise.

2. If there is a misalignment in an infant's spine, it can cause the muscles in the neck to spasm, sometimes leading to what is called "torticollis" which is a very common secondary condition to a neck misalignment.

3. The birth process is a major stressor on new babies, so getting them checked out right from the start is a great way to prevent further complications and help your little ones thrive!

4. There were several doctors in the last blog that reported great success with reflux, and the parents agree!

5. Premature infants usually will have more "issues" than full-term babies, so making sure that they get checked is also very helpful.

6. Many parents do not hear about the benefits of chiropractic until their second or third child, luckily this mom saw a benefit in her first, so she was proactive on her second.

7. It IS amazing how everything works together. When the body is functioning properly, many secondary conditions resolve that you wouldn't have even thought about.

8. Irritability, decreased range of motion and overall mobility.. great testimonial for showing how improving the function of the body can help in many ways, not just treating one condition.

9. It's amazing how well you can sleep when you aren't uncomfortable.

10. If your baby cannot turn his/her head, breastfeeding will be pretty difficult. Luckily breastfeeding issues are very common in Chiropractor's offices and see great benefit from care.

11. Again, if your baby is uncomfortable, they will be more irritable and will not want to be put down as often. Constipation is also a key indicator that their could be some unwanted stress on their nervous system. (read on to learn more about that)

12. This mom knows how to get the point across. Why are all of these babies misaligned in the first place? The birth process is a MAJOR stressor to a new baby and can cause stress on their brainstem (which controls almost all of a baby's functions). Gently adjusting them to remove that stress is why all of these infants are responding so well.

13. In our office, we don't just call it colic, we know that something is making them uncomfortable and we work to find it's cause.

14. We get it. It's a weird concept, so there are a lot of skeptics. But very few are skeptics after they realize what is actually happening during an adjustment and can SEE the results.

15. The American Academy of Pediatrics actually does NOT recommend medication for infants with reflux, but pediatricians do what they do not because they want to see families suffer, so they will try what they can to help. Chiropractic is fantastic at getting results without the use of medication.

16. We are so glad that that families see such great benefit in getting their children under Chiropractic care, helping families like the one below is what it is all about. Eight weeks of no one sleeping is no joke, their entire home dynamic was changed after starting care.


If you have personally seen these types of results with your child, please share this post so that more children like these can be helped, because unfortunately many of them suffer unnecessarily only due to the fact that that they do not know that Chiropractic can help get them function at 100%.

If you are in the Savannah, GA area, give us a call at 912-376-9191for a complimentary consult or to schedule a full evaluation. If you are NOT in our area, please go to ICPA4KIDS.org to find a local pediatric Chiropractor that can help your little one thrive!


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